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“Being an entrepreneur is executing dreams, even if there are risks. It’s facing problems, even if you don’t have the strength. It’s walking through unknown places, even without a compass. It’s taking actions that no one has taken. It is to be aware that whoever wins without obstacles triumphs without glory.” – Augusto Cury

International Financial Consultant

20 years of experience, with 100% success.
Brazil, London, USA and SUISSA.  We work with Financial Assets, Euroclear Bank, International Law, LTNs, Unlocking Assets and Financial Resources in National and International Banks .

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We are Specialists

Business Intermediation

Assets and Securities

Trading in securities and financial assets of countries, in accordance with the legislation of each country, resources from commissions from our own resources.

Business Intermediation

Commissioned in advising and consulting in intermediation of buying and selling business.


World Business

Commissioned in the trading of country bonds

Index Business

Specialists in International Fund Manager
The important thing is not to be right or wrong. But how much money do you make when you're right and how much money do you lose when you're wrong.